Your Health Spending Account goes Mobile!

Submitting receipts for reimbursement is as easy as taking a picture!

A true Mobile experience!

"We make the claim for you!"

When it comes to using your smart phone to help simplify your life, we think making a claim should be as easy as possible. In fact, we will build your claim based on a picture of your document. Our experienced staff will carefully read and interpret the details - without you doing more than taking a picture. Very fast. Very efficient. Very Mobile.

Mobile or on-line account access.

A common username (email) and password is used!

Think of ClaimSnap as your truly mobile interaction with your on-line, web based account. The same username and password works on both platforms. To keep the mobile access focused on making claims quick and simple, you will need to access your on-line account to view past claims, update personal profile information, and setup your direct deposit account info.

Account Balance and Camera!

Making a claim only takes 2 clicks.

The minimalist looking home-screen provides the essential 2 things you need to know about: Account Balance and Camera action button. Take a picture of your claim documents and we will handle the rest.

Use Direct Deposit to get paid.

To use ClaimSnap you need to set up direct deposit.

Since making a claim with ClaimSnap is so easy and fast to do, we think you should make claims right when you get your receipt. Sometimes those receipts could be small. Sometimes they could be large. Either way, you will need to setup your direct deposit / banking info to receive reimbursements. ClaimSnap will not let you proceed to taking a picture of a receipt until you have set up your direct deposit account. This is done using your on-line account.

Protecting your Privacy.

Mobile or on-line, you are safe!

We think about your privacy all the time and take this responsibility seriously. From locking down our servers to possible Internet threats to protecting your data on-line and in our office, we will be diligent. You can read our privacy policy here.