About National HealthClaim

National HealthClaim was established in 2002 with a fresh approach to group benefits for Canadian businesses. Today, we provide online services to thousands of organizations and 15,000+ employees nationwide. Based in Calgary, Alberta, National HealthClaim leads the industry with unique and convenient Health Spending Account options for businesses and sole proprietors. Our products are supported by reliable, secure and convenient online administration infrastructure, which stands at the core of our business. We currently offer the following products:

  • CoreHealth+: An Insured Coverage plan with a pay-as-you-go Health Spending Account.

  • 519Plan: A stand-alone Health Spending Account for between one and eight employees.

  • CorporateHCSA: An Enterprise-grade Health Spending Account for large businesses with employees numbering in the 1000s.

  • FBC Health Spending Account.  Tax-free reimbursement of Healthcare expenses

  • FBC InsurPak:  5 insured products for Sole Proprietors and Incorporated businesses.        

Over a decade after its inception, National HealthClaim continues to succeed, bringing new products tailored to a wide array of businesses nationwide. We are committed to remaining at the industry forefront in terms of customer service, technical excellence and leading-edge products.