Privacy Policy
We keep all personal and company information confidential. We do not sell any information we receive. Information such as name, email address, mailing address, phone number, fax number and billing information is collected for the sole purpose of providing services and notifying of improvements to our products and services.

From time to time, we may send promotional notices via e-mail or mail to our customers and to prospects who have expressed interest in receiving such information. At any time, individuals may opt-out of such offers and notifications by following the opt-out link on the specific communication or by contacting National HealthClaim Corp directly.

Protecting the insured person's personal information at National HealthClaim Corp (NHC) is very important. We recognize and respect the individual's privacy. When a person or business applies for coverage, we establish a confidential file that contains their personal or corporate information. This file is kept in the offices of NHC. The insured entity may exercise certain rights of access and rectification with respect to the information in their file by sending a request in writing to NHC's address listed in the policy. We limit access to personal and company information to NHC staff who requires it to perform their duties, to persons to whom the insured has granted access, and to persons authorized by law. We collect, use, and disclose personal information to process enrollment and provide and administer the insurance product(s) applied for, investigate and process claims, and create and maintain records concerning our relationship.